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My bodys are done, except for the lacing holes. These I’ll do next week, as I’m waiting for the thread in the mail.



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Update and Petticoat Beginnings

The bodies are coming along nicely. The channels are completed. Now it’ll come together quickly (except for the eyelets, those tend to take me some time).
Rough Bodies

This photo gives a much better idea of the true colour of the linen.

I’m now cutting the fabric for my yellow petticoat. This way I’ll have everything ready when I pull out the sewing machine (I have to keep it packed away). Living in a tiny apartment sure has it’s down sides. I’ve decided to use a front opening on the petticoat, so as to try attack_laurel’s petticoat lacing technique (now with pictures).

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A Hem!

My knitting is progressing slowly, as expected. I have finished the hem, and am about to begin work on the actual body. As nice as the ribbing looked, it will be nice to switch over to working in stockinette. The hem rolls up right now (thus the pins) but that will be solved by blocking.

Note to self: Keep a focus on yarn dominance. I slipped up in a few places in the hem. It’s not noticable from the front, but it is from the back due to the lattice pattern. This will be more important in the main body, as I’d like to keep the pattern (light) yarns dominant.

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Handsewn Eyelets

I’m finally getting around to handsewing my eyelets, so I thought I’d put up a small “how to” post.

Step 1 – Make a hole. I use a bookbinding awl to make the original hole, and then spread it out using a knitting needle (I have used a large safety-pin and a chopstick in the past – the tools aren’t important). The key here is to spread the fabric threads apart, not cutting or breaking them. This helps keep your eyelet strong.
Handsewn Eyelets - 1

Step 2 – Baste the hole open. I use regular sewing thread.
Handsewn Eyelets - 2

Step 3 – Bind the hole. I like to use a buttonhole stitch, but it’s not necessary. The thread here is 18/3 Londonerry Linen
Handsewn Eyelets - 3

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My shirt is finished for now. All that remains is the fastenings. I’ll sew eyelets on the cuffs, but I haven’t decided how to do the collar. Eyelets are a possible option, or laces, or even hooks and eyes. I generally wear my collar open anyways, so I’ll probably just leave it for now.

Here’s a picture of the shirt. I know gathering the neck ruffle is more appropriate, but I prefer the ordered look of the box pleats.

The cuff, sans eyelets.

The neck gusset with reinforcement.
Gusset Reinforcement

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Inserting the Reed

I gave in and dug out the sewing machine last night to sew up the boning channels. I just wasn’t getting them straight enough with handsewing.

My plan is to bone the channels with the reed, and then handsew over top of the machine-basting. This way I get the benefit of straight lines by using the foot as a guide, but the machine stitching won’t be visible on the finished item. I’d call that a win-win.

I’m using 1mm round reed purchased from Reconstructing History.

After wetting the reed to soften out the curls and letting dry overnight, I’m now hard at work inserting it into the boning channels. This is my first time using reed, and it’s really not as hard to work with as I’d expected.
Inserting the Reeds

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