Sewing Mania

I love it when things come together without too much effort. The yellow petticoat is almost done. It still needs eyelets and hemming but I can’t sew the eyelets until my thread arrives, and I can’t hem it until I get all my eyelets sewn (so I can see where it sits).

I’ve started on my second petticoat (the sky blue one). It’s all cut, and now needs ironing, stitching, and pleating to the waistband. Then I’ll have to make another order of linen thread for the eyelets, if I can find a color that matches well (I have a color card coming in the current order).

I also have a pattern ready to go for the mock-up of my jacket. The ‘muslin’ fabric needs washing. It’s a nice 100% cotton I got on sale, so I may give it away once I have my final pattern made. There’s always people in need of things. I’m between sizes, so I’ve made the larger of the two sizes. It’s easy enough to cut a smaller size if I need it.

Also on my to do list is organizing my pattern box. I’ve been stashing all the patterns I’ve used in one big box for years now. I need to sort them into bags so all the pattern pieces are together, and get rid of all the patterns I no longer need.

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