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Jacket Progress

The jacket is coming along well. The main body is mostly done and it’s fitting nicely.  The wrinkles below the waist are there because it doesn’t fit around my my hips.  This will be fixed once I add the gores to flare out the bottom. Those still need to be added (obviously), as well as the sleeves. Then all that remains are the hooks & eyes.

jacket progress

Pink jacket in progress

It’s the simplest style of jacket. I’ve opted out of cuffs, collar, and shoulder wings. I may add a small collar at the back later on, to help raise the shirt ruffles a little, but it can be whipstitched on after the jacket is finished with no trouble.

I still haven’t decided how, or in what color, to trim it so I’ll leave it plain for now.

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I’ve finished the underpinnings for my Elizabethan wardrobe. Eventually, I’d like to add eyelets to the straps of my bodies to attach sleeves, but that will have to wait for now. All in all, I think it turned out rather well.


Plain shirt, yellow bodies and petticoat

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Three-Day Weekend

I managed to use my time productively this weekend and knock through a number of my sewing tasks.

I’ve completely finished my plain shirt, except for a fastening at the neck (which I’m not going to bother with right now since I so rarely wear it closed and I haven’t decided what fastenings I want to use). I’ve completely finished my yellow petticoat and bodies, AND I’ve hemmed my blue petticoat. My jacket lining is cut out, all ready to be basted and fitted.

Still, my to do list is getting much shorter. My goal is to have it all done by mid-May.

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