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Red and Black Doublet

And because it will take a few weeks for the mint green fabric to line my black doublet to arrive, I’ve decided to work on other projects.

On the list is a black petticoat, a red petticoat, and a red doublet. I’ll leave the petticoats for now, as I don’t know how much fabric I’ll have left over to use in them (I prefer 5 yards, but can make do with 4). This leaves the red doublet.

I’m concerned that the red may be a little overpowering on me, seeing as it’s very red, so I’ve decided to add a bunch of black wool fingerloop braid for trim, as well as black lining along the skirts and shoulder wings.

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Black on Black Doublet

Since my last Elizabethan was so colourful, I’ve decided to do a black on black ensemble for the next set in my SCA wardrobe. I’m planning on a black doublet, sleeves, petticoat, and breeches (because sometimes boy clothes are fun). The first part (and the most time consuming) is the doublet. This requires the most fitting, and will have the most decoration on it.

The base of the doublet will be black linen, lined in mint green. For decoration, I will use some combination of fingerloop braids and couched cording yet to be determined, all done in black wool.

As of now the muslin is fitted, and I’m waiting for my green linen to arrive in the mail.

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The Santa towels are all warped and ready to weave. This project has all ready had some unexpected difficulties. I’ve never had to try weaving with a kitten around before.


William (the terror)

Looks like the craft room is off limits from now on.

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