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Finished Elizabethan

I called this my primary colours Elizabethan, because it has a red (well, pink) jacket, and yellow and blue petticoats. I never did get around to taking a good photo, so here’s one by a friend.

My finished garb. Photo by David Gotlieb.

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Closures and Wings

I’ve finally finished the hook and eyes at the front of the doublet. I decided to try hook and eye tape, as I hate sewing individual hooks and eyes. It was a learning experience, but one I might be willing to repeat now that I’ve done it successfully. The end result seems to be worth it.

Adding a collar and the shoulder wings went quickly. There really wasn’t much to do.

Red Doublet

Doublet partially open

All that remains to do is trim (and lacing strips for the sleeves, but I’ll make those when I sew the sleeves).

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Towels Finished

My last set of towels for Christmas. Just in time!

Waffle Weave

Summer Days Waffle Weave Towels

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Waffle Weave Towels In Progress

After a nightmare warping session (I miscounted my heddles) I’m finally able to start weaving. This is good. I need to finish these before Christmas.

Waffle Weave

Towels in progress

Waffle Weave

Close-up with a slack warp to show waffle texture

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Gambeson – Part 2

Read Part 1

One the gambeson fabric has been quilted, I cut the fabric and sew the pattern pieces together. This is also the point to test fit and make any necessary alterations. I noticed with my last gambeson that it shrank considerably in the first wash (even with pre-washing the fabric), so this time I serged all the edges and threw it in the machine before the final fitting. Because I’m using 100% cotton batting inside, the gambeson will get a crinkly look after washing. I’m not really sure how to prevent this, so I just put up with it. It wasn’t overly noticeable on the last gambeson, but with this heavy linen it’s given it an oddly crocodile-like look. C’est la vie. The breathability of the cotton batting trumps an un-crinkly gambeson.


Gambeson in progress

Once fitted, there’s a fair amount of hand-finishing to complete. I sew bias tape over all internal seams. This has the dual benefit of reinforcing the seam and preventing chafing when worn. Then I bias bind around the unfinished edges.

Bias Bound Seam

Bias-bound seam

One all of the binding finished, I attach the sleeves and sew the Velcro fastenings in place. The sleeves are sewn to the shoulder only, to give better range of motion (and air conditioning).

And there you go, a finished gambeson.


Happy hubby

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Ottoman for the Man

My sweetie has decided his persona will be Ottoman Turk. What does that mean? It means he needs new clothes to match, of course.

The overall outfit will consist of a shirt (gömlek), a jacket (caftan), and a pair of trousers (salvar), much like those in the image below. Also a hat/turban.

Taqi al din

Work in the observatorium of Taqi al-Din (approximately 1574-1595)

Rather than taking the time to research and draft my own patterns, I’m using Reconstructing History’s Ottoman Turkish Gentleman pattern set.

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