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Ottoman for the Man – Salwar

Salwar are wide gathered pants with a tapered leg. Again, these use rectangular construction.

My sweetie chose a rather vivid lime green. Don’t they look great?



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Ottoman for the Man – Gömlek

A gömlek is a knee-length tunic with straight sleeves and a key-hole neckline. I’m using white medium-weight (5.3 oz) linen. it would be better to use a lighter-weight linen, but this is what I have on hand.

This garment uses rectangular construction, so it was fairly easy to whip up.



I’m not really sure about the trim, but my hubby asked for it.

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Ottoman for the Man – Fabric has Arrived!

The linen for my sweetie’s clothes is here.

I’ll be making a black/white brocade kaftan (jacket) lined with purple, another rust-toned silk brocade kaftan lined with orange, and lime green salwar (trousers).



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Court Garb

Is it possible to only work on one project at a time? While I’m still working on a few other outfits, I’ve decided to start work on something fancy, too.  My plan is centered around the leather doublet shown below. I’ve always liked the unusual collar design (rather than your standard standing collar).

16th Century Padded Leather Jerkin. from

I’ll be following the basic design of this doublet, with modifications to the design of the embroidery, in a deep green cotton velveteen with gold(tone) embroidery. To go with this I’ll be making a matching split-front petticoat in the same green and gold. I’m hoping I have enough of my shot-silk brocade for a forepart and sleeves. I’d also like to do a partlet with gold lace and an attached ruff.

Here is a look at the fabric:



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Trimming the Doublet

After some experimentation, I’ve decided to use perle cotton for the trim. The wool was nice and black, but didn’t show the braiding very well. The linen showed the braiding beautifully, but was more gray than black. I just couldn’t afford to do it in silk.

The braid pattern I’m using is “A Broad Lace of 5 Loops” from Tak V Bowes Departed.

I was going to add a photo, but I just can’t get any detail from the black thread.

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