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The Great Kirtle Redux

I’ve decided the pointed petticoats really aren’t working for me. The extra weight pulls on my bodies and my lower back is aching to get out of it by the end of the day. Instead, I’m going to convert them to kirtles (petticoat bodies).

Kirtles can be found in woodcuts from Das Ständebuch (The Book of Trades), 1568 (Tailor and Furrier – look in the top right).  There’s also an extant Italian example on permanent display in Palazzo Reale in Pisa (photos here – scroll down to ‘HOUSE DRESS, MID OR LATE 1500’).  Side note: I totally plan on weaving a linsey-woolsey yardage with this pattern and making a kirtle out of it.

My plan is take half of my petticoats and to go back to my side-back lacing kirtle pattern (I really should call this one ‘Old Faithful’).  I’m debating adding a dip in the front, rather than the current straight-across-the-middle waistline.  I’ll probably bone them as well, so as to prevent the need for bodies underneath.  The other half I’ll keep as petticoats, and add my cheater ‘suspenders’ rather than point them to the bodies.  This way I can still wear two layers of petticoats, while taking all the strain off my hips and lower back.

The end result?  My garb will look pretty much exactly the same as before, but hopefully be much more comfortable.

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Trial Run

Since I’ve had a lot of issues with fit lately, I decided to give my red doublet a trial run for the day to catch any additional errors before I apply all the trim.

I’m wearing it with a black petticoat and sleeves. Looks good, no?


Red doublet (trial run)

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Ottoman for the Man – Surprise Kaftan

I’ve been working in secret on a brocade kaftan to surprise the hubby with at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.  It’s finally completed.

I think it looks very spiff!


Finished kaftan

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