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Going A-Viking

I’ve decided it’s time to take a tour away from Elizabethan and check out Norse garb, mostly as an excuse to play around with weaving my own fabrics.  The plan centers around an apron dress of handwoven materials, with everything else needed to complete the outfit working around that.

Here’s what I think I’ll need (pre-research phase, gathered from what I see other Norse-type people at events wearing):

  • An undergown
    Most likely white linen, assuming my usual theory of generally undyed fibres next to the skin holds true. Otherwise, possibly a very pale blue. I have also heard rumors about pleated undergowns. This will require some looking in to.
  • The apron dress
    The reason for this project. I’d like to do a broken lozenge twill in yellow/orange, with red horizontal stripes, with tabletwoven trim.
  • A coif
    Headcoverings are almost always a good idea. Possibly white (or a pale-coloured) linen, with more tabletwoven trim.
  • Leg Coverings/Socks
    No idea what this would be, but I’m guessing they had something.
  • Jewelry
    Turtle brooches, beads, etc.

Anything else?

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Ottoman for the Man – Black & White Kaftan

A kaftan is a long coat, and comes in several styles.  This one is a larger overcoat, rather than something more fitted.

The fabric is a black & white brocade, lined in purple linen.


Finished kaftan

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