Aprondress Fabric Samples

My loom arrived, but was damaged in shipping—I need to wait for a replacement part.  It’s not the end of the world and everyone has been super about handling the claims/replacement process.  While waiting, I worked up the wool samples on the old loom.

These samples were all woven from Knit Picks Palette yarn at 15 epi.  The colours are Semolina and Safflower (the two yellows, half on one side and half on the other), Kumquat Heather (orange), and Serrano (red).

Here they are right off the loom.

Broken Twill (Unfinished)

Broken twill (unfinished)

Broken Lozenge Twill (Unfinished)

Broken lozenge twill (unfinished)

And here they are after wet finishing.  As you can see, wet finishing really changes to look of the fabric.  The wool shrank and bloomed quite a bit.  The broken twill shrank a little more width-wise than the broken lozenge twill and feels slightly thicker.

Broken Twill (Finished)

Broken twill (after finishing)

Broken Lozenge Twill (Finished)

Broken lozenge twill (after finishing)

I definitely prefer the contrast provided by the slightly lighter yellow.  I also think I will go with the broken lozenge twill.  It just has more of a definite pattern.  I think the broken twill would need greater contrast or a less bloomy yarn to look it’s best.

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4 thoughts on “Aprondress Fabric Samples

  1. I like the looks of the broken lozenge too.

  2. I am sorry about your loom, but the samplers look great. That will look lovely when it is done I am sure.

  3. shyska

    Still a sucker for the diamond twills, they’re mesmerizing. Wonderful weaving, btw.

  4. oooh – I really like the twill. I like doamond twills anyway but I ahve a real thing about patterns with different colours run through

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