Underdress Fabric Samples

This sample uses #10 Belgian linen yarn at 30 epi.  It is woven on a jack loom, which is not ideal for linen.  The pattern is a basic 2/2 twill.

To help with fraying, I sprayed the heck out of my warp chains with laundry starch.  For the actual yardage, I’ll use a solution and dip the chains right in.

Linen (Unfinished)

Linen (unfinished)

It’s rough and starchy coming off the loom, but it washes up nicely. It’s still a lot coarser than the usual linens I buy, but the price of finer linen yarns are much higher (I haven’t found anything at less than double the price of this yarn, and that’s for a #12).

Linen (Finished)

Linen (finished)

I did the samples in a 2/2 twill, but I’m wondering if I should do it in a herringbone instead.  I left enough sample warp to rethread the heddles and try it out.

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4 thoughts on “Underdress Fabric Samples

  1. Marina

    What is your thread count?

    • It hovers around 30 in the warp and 20 in the weft, per inch. I’m going to resample on the countermarche loom when it gets here to see if I can get a firmer beat on the weft. I didn’t want to go too hard on a jack loom.

  2. shyska

    Wonderful to see your samples, happy that you’re posting photos of them.
    The twill pattern is much more visible from here in the washed sample.
    Have you found evidence of extant herringbone and twill linens, perhaps in the London textiles book that you lent me? Curious if this is a personal preference type of choice or an evidence and doc based one.

  3. Buckfastbee

    The difference in the price for thinner linen yarns is the difference between tow and line yarns.
    Most belgian linen yarns are tow yarns, and mostly all kinds of linen yarns today are from China.
    I’m still searching for genuine European Linen yarns but all I get my hands on is Louet Euroflax stricks which means I have to spin my own yarn…

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