Weaving With Linen: What I’ve Learned

The linen is off the loom and finished.  Final measurements, 9 yards at 25 inches wide.


Before finishing


After finishing (but not ironed)

This project is the first time I had done any weaving with linen.  For those of you that warned me it would be a different experience, boy were you right!

  • Sizing really helps.  I haven’t had the fraying issues I expected.  In fact, so far my only broken warp threads have been caused by teeth (see photo below).
  • Linen is inelastic.  Once stretched it will not go back to its original shape.  This made keeping tension difficult, especially due to my unusual, but not unexpected, stretching issues.  I found that leaving the lease sticks in helped even out the tension.  If I do another long linen yardage, I will order a second set of lease sticks and use all four instead of just the two I have.  I also ended up dangling weights on individual  threads that stretched.
Kitty Terror

No matter how hard you plan, something unexpected will occur.

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7 thoughts on “Weaving With Linen: What I’ve Learned

  1. Cats and threads. Sigh, I feel for you. I have a hard time keeping my cats away from the inkle loom. I have had one bite through the entire warp which meant I had to restring the entire thing. The finished product looks lovely. Looking forward to seeing it up close and personal.

  2. rain

    That looks fabulous! I bet that will be very comfortable once it is made. Have you decided if you are going to hot iron it or cold press it? They make for different characteristics. Enjoying keeping up with this and like “eureka” I can’t wait to see your next episode.

    • I was planning on cold-pressing the fabric once with a rolling pin, just to break it down a bit. Then hot-ironing it from then on, since I don’t have a real cold-press and this fabric is for clothing.

      • I understand cold mangling is a moot point once you’ve applied heat but I have a marble ironing pin and a glass baking sheet, not for baking but for rolling out on, cold and uber smooth (couldn’t find a marble one).

      • I meant to say marble rolling pin/

  3. That (white linen fabric) is positively delicious looking. It is positively diaphenous. Is it washed yet? I didn’t see the details of your weaving plan, thread size, sett, etc. I LOVE it.

    • Thank you Wendy.

      I find I still get some mangling after running it through the dryer. Probably not nearly as much as I would have with something better than an old wooden rolling pin. My purpose was just to break down the fibres a bit and flatten them out, so it’s not really true cold mangling.

      Here is a link to all the posts about the linen: https://catetown.wordpress.com/tag/white-linen-norse-underdress/ All the sampling, weaving details, sizing notes etc are in there.

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