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Tea Towel Progress

The loom is warped and I am off weaving.


Progress so far

The plan is to do twelve towels for the kitchen.  Two blue, two red, two yellow, two pink,  two turquoise, and two purple.  The pattern for these is “Quilt Block Towels” from Handwoven’s Top Ten Towels on Eight Shafts.  I changed the sett from 24 to 20, and am using a different yarn – so hopefully I calculated enough yardage.  I might only get 11 towels, so I will do one of each colour and then pick the weft colour I like least for the very last towel – that way I can sacrifice it if I run out of warp.  A picture of the colours can be seen here.

I didn’t double the threads well, and it’s causing me some unevenness.  I’ll finish this towel as is since the bobbins are wound.  I’ve ordered a double bobbin shuttle for the rest of them.

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As a quick knit while on the road, I picked up some yarn and am working on a shawl.


Progress so far

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Warping Trapeze

My hubby put together a warping trapeze for me.  It is super!


Warping trapeze

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You all might have noticed that I haven’t been doing as much blogging (or crafting) lately. I would like to introduce you to the culprit.


My very first vegetable garden!

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Learning to Spin

I bought a Turkish drop spindle and some roving a while ago, and stuck it on a shelf.  Now I have decided to try it.


Spindle and wool roving


My very first ball of… yarn?

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Progress on My Neglected Quilt

I’m still warping the quilt block tea towels (plus I think I need a little break from weaving), and the linen for my underdress needs to go through the wash a few more times… so I thought I’d pull out my half-finished quilt, and do some work on that.  This is the quilt that I am using to learn how to quilt, so that can move on to the quilt that I really want to do.  Which is a completely different type of quilt that requires completely different skills.  Yay for forethought!


Quilt in progress

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