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Tea Towel Progress

I have finished the turquoise tea towel, and have moved on to a hot pink one.


Hot pink weft

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Baby Hats

I knit up some baby hats for a friend.  Pattern from Knitty.


Knit in Patons Astra (doubled) on 6 mm needles.

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Boned Underkirtle Progress

The bodice for the underkirtle (petticoat bodies) is sewn and boned.  I was planning on hand-stitching over the visible machine stitching before attaching the skirts, but I decided not to.  This is an underdress/foundation layer, so it shouldn’t be visible when worn. Also, the skirts are longer (to wear over a farthingale) so I won’t be tempted to wear it on it’s own.  I can always do the hand-sewing later if I change my mind.

The next step is to attach the skirts and straps, then finish the bodice and  sew the lacing holes.  After that, I can fit the doublet over top of that and start the embroidery.  I will hem it later.

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Learning to Spin Part 2

My second ball of yarn.  I am improving, I think.


Plied yarn.


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Underdress Fabric

The underdress fabric is cut and ready to sew. It softened up a bit more with my poor attempt at mangling.
I’ll be sewing the dress with the same linen thread I used to weave it, waxed with beeswax.

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