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Ottoman for the Man – Headwear

For those who know me, they know I’m a big fan of hats in the SCA.  I don’t have a lot of my own (yet), but I really like them.  With that in mind, my sweetie needs proper Ottoman headwear.

Mehmet II
Gentile Bellini, c. 1480


Suleiman the Magnificent, 1557 (engraving) by Lorck, Melchior (c.1526-88)

An Ottoman Official, c. 1650.

They all seem to start with a conical hat as a base, and then have a turban wrapped around that.  As you can see, these things can get pretty big.

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Sewing the Linen Underdress

I realized that I haven’t updated about my Norse garb in a while.

I was almost out of my usual linen sewing thread.  Rather than wait for more I’ve decided to sew the dress in the same linen thread I used to weave it, waxed with beeswax.  The neck opening is finished, the sleeves are ready to go on, and I am in the process of adding the gores. So far, so good.

A friend has offered to pick up brooches to go with the dress while at Pennsic, so that’s taken care of.   I’m debating buying some beads to hang off the front as well as well but I’m not sure if that’s necessary.

I’m still trying to decide what to sew the apron dress with.  I read somewhere that for Norse, linen should be sewn with linen and wool with wool.  I don’t have any wool sewing thread, and I don’t want to use knitting yarn.  I have some perfect yellow linen sewing thread.  Another option is to buy silk thread – but would silk thread have been used on wool, or would the linen be okay.

Back to the books!

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Garb Redux

My husband has said he would very much like to attend Fall Coronation this year (late September).  I’m using this as impetus to redo my black velvet robe.  The body  fit nicely but the sleeves just never worked – so I threw it in a closet and never wore it.  And because I can’t just have new sleeves, I will be making a french hood to go with it.

My inspiration portrait.
An Unknown Lady by Hans Eworth, 1557.

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Mockup for the Orange Fitted Gown

This is the first mockup for my orange gown.  It will need more tweaking from here. Ignore the horrible pink fabric – it was cheap.


Dress front

The sleeve on the left has too much padding, the sleeve on the right has none.  Somewhere about halfway between them should be about right.  The back is way too flat.  I’m going to take out that piece and try a larger one and pleat it in.  I’m also contemplating moving the side seam forward a bit and adding pockets.


Dress side

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Orange Fitted Gown

When battling the summer heat at events, I always seem to give up and just thrown on a peplos-style dress.  I’ve decided to try to make a ‘cheater’ late period dress, so reduce the number of layers while retaining the 16th century look-and-feel.  I’ve also decided to take up archery, so I will need a dress I can shoot in.

I’ve decided to make a fitted gown, like the ones shown here.  I may skip the wrist ruffles to make it easier to shoot in.

Coloured image of Nonsuch Palace in Surrey, England from Civitates Orbis Terrarum (1598), based on a 1582 drawing by Hoefnagel. (image has been cropped)

I have some lovely rusty orange linen I will use for the main gown, with black trim (linen or velveteen). Black linen for the false kirtle front (or some other color). For the bottom sleeves, I was thinking some shade of green.

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Wingspan Cancelled

I’m really not keen on how the colours are coming out on the Wingspan shawl.  I’m frogging the project and will use the yarn for something else.

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Planning My Next Project

The next project is to weave some shawls for Christmas presents for the family.

The pattern is a fancy twill, based on a draft from one of Handwoven’s Design Collection ebooks. I fell in love with the changes to this pattern by Susan Harvey, so I’m using her pattern (with permission) which modifies the small block of the original draft to fill the whole shawl.


Computer-generated drawdown

I have a number of cones of 8/2 Tencel, and am hoping to try for iridescent effects.


8/2 tencel cones

I’ll be pairing pink with light blue, black with cherry red, green with cherry red, yellow with orange, and tomato red with orange.

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Tea Towel Progress

I have finished the hot pink tea towel, and have moved on to a purple one.


Purple weft

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