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Fancy Twill Scarves Started

Now that my tea towels are off the loom I can start my fancy twill scarves (read more about the plan here).  I’m warping up the pink and blue to start, and then will tie on additional warps to preserve my threading.

They require a sett of 24 epi, which would usually be space 2 ends per dent in a 12 dent reed (which I don’t have).  I’m going to try it with a 10 dent reed with 2 ends in some dents and 3 in others.  I’m hoping it will work out okay.

I also ordered more tencel for the project I am planning to do after this (which I’m hoping to use as part of my pent. entry next year).  And some wool, for experimentation.

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Wool Aprondress Finished

The aprondress is finished!


Finished aprondress

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Linen Underdress Finished

I know I haven’t posted in quite a while, but I have been busily sewing.  And now, the linen underdress is finished!

This gives me just under two weeks to finish the aprondress, coif, and fine tune my documentation.  Good grief!


Finished underdress

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