Fancy Twill Scarf Finished

The scarf is done, fringed, and wet finished.

Fancy Twill Scarf

Fancy Twill Scarf

The tencel was lovely to work with, but near the end I found my selvedge ends kept fraying and snapping.  And I didn’t see a lot of my treadling mistakes until after wet finishing.

After doing some more reading, I have found out that tencel does not like high tension (which I tend to use), and is stronger when wet.  So for my next project I will use less tension and try dampening the threads.

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3 thoughts on “Fancy Twill Scarf Finished

  1. what is wet finishing?

    • In this case, I stuck it in the washing machine. Sometimes it’s handwashing. But really, you never know what the fabric is going to look like until you give it it’s final treatment, usually in water (unless you plan on dry cleaning it forever).

      You never quite know what your fabric is until you pre-wash it.

  2. Sue

    You’re a loon. A supremely talented and lovely loon…but a loon nonetheless…..

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