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Polychrome Lampas In Progress

I’ve made it into the three colour portion of the weaving.  Apart from a few mistakes, I think it’s coming along beautifully.


Polychrome lampas in progress

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Man’s Elizabethan Shirt

I made a simple Elizabethan shirt for the hubby.  As you can see, I still need to add the wrist and neck ties.


Elizabethan shirt

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Handwoven Kaftan Planning

Some of you my know that my husband and I have agreed that a drawloom is fast becoming financially feasible.  With that in mind, I’ve started planning a handwoven Turkish coat for him.

I have a year to plan before I can start weaving, I’m going to be documenting my thoughts and research here as I go.

What I Know So Far:

Doing a scan through most of the textiles with details from this period I can find, it appears that the the most common weave was lampas (kemha) with a satin ground and twill binding.  Common colours are red, blue, gold, and white, though I have found extant examples with green and purple.  Textiles commonly contained metal threads.

Common design motifs included çintamani (a pattern of three circles arranged in a triangle), wavy stripes, ogees (pointed ovals), and vines.  Flowers, such as tulips and carnations, are common.

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Polychrome Lampas Started

I managed to save myself some time in warping by tying on my new warp to my old one.  I’m doubling the pattern weft with the hopes of it filling in more.  I won’t know until it is off the loom and washed.


This is more work than it looks like

It doesn’t look like much, but what you are seeing is the bottom two rows of my pattern (each row is woven twice, so two rows of green weft equals one row in the graph).


My final pattern

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