Handwoven Kaftan Planning

Some of you my know that my husband and I have agreed that a drawloom is fast becoming financially feasible.  With that in mind, I’ve started planning a handwoven Turkish coat for him.

I have a year to plan before I can start weaving, I’m going to be documenting my thoughts and research here as I go.

What I Know So Far:

Doing a scan through most of the textiles with details from this period I can find, it appears that the the most common weave was lampas (kemha) with a satin ground and twill binding.  Common colours are red, blue, gold, and white, though I have found extant examples with green and purple.  Textiles commonly contained metal threads.

Common design motifs included çintamani (a pattern of three circles arranged in a triangle), wavy stripes, ogees (pointed ovals), and vines.  Flowers, such as tulips and carnations, are common.

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