More Wickelbander

I just can’t leave a loom empty, so I’ve started another pair of wickelbander (or winingas).  Norse/Anglo-Saxon leg wraps.  This time, I’ve going to be doing an unevenly divided warp chevron twill.  Here’s a great link to more info about wickelbander.

I’m using a new wool, Jaggerspun 2/20 Maine Line in Natural and Williamsburg Blue.  It’s finer than the other wools I’ve used, and should be better for garment weight projects.  I’ve found a Canadian source, so that should help keep my shipping charges down in the future.  This project will be a test to see how the wool finishes.  If it works out well I think this will be my regular go to wool.  I have high hopes.

The wool will be sett at 30 epi, with a doubled floating selvedge.  At 144 ends, this should warp up quickly.  It will be 4 2/3 inches in the reed, and should (if my guess is correct) shrink down to 4 inches wide.  The exact size is unimportant so I’m not sampling.


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6 thoughts on “More Wickelbander

  1. khalja

    Sounds like a fun project! I use Jaggerspun wools exclusively in my work and I love Maine Line. for the 2/20, I use a 32 epi but only because I have a 16 dent reed, not a 15. Recently, I started weaving wicklebander in 2/8 Maine Line at 20 epi. It goes so fast! I have noticed about 25% shrinkage in the width with those setts. Best of luck. I can’t wait to see pictures of the finished project.

    • Thank you for the comment!

      I have a 10, 12, and 15 dent reed for this loom – and I find between them I can handle most setts. I have been considering a 20 dent for moving into finer threads down the road.

      25% shrinkage? Geez. I was estimating 15%. Lucky the width really doesn’t matter all that much, and I was already planning on making them extra long. I’ll be sure to sample well before doing yardage for clothing.

      • khalja

        Let me course correct a bit. For the wicklebanders that I did in the 2/8 (20 epi) I warped 4 inches and final width was 3 inches.

        For the last full cloth I did in the 2/20 (32 epi), width after wet finishing and pressing was 32 3/4. I had warped 37 inches. Sounds like your 15% for shrinkage is correct. :)

        BTW, this is me:

      • Yes, I have your blog coming to my RSS feed. I always enjoy reading about your projects.

  2. I need to make some of those. Which means I need to get some wool. :) When are you thinking of doing another order (if you are thinking of doing another one, that is)?

    • If this wool turns out as nice as I think it’s going to, I will definitely be doing another order. I’m thinking of making myself a nice wool coat.

      Unless you like blue and white, in which case I might have enough for a second pair.

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