Back to the Green Gown

I have four months to complete this outfit, so I need to get back on track.

I’ve decided to get the cording portion of the doublet done, and attach the tabs and skirt.  Basically, get as much of the dress done as possible.  That way if I run out of time I don’t have to do the fancy couched bits.

Here’s my to do list:

  • Square-necked shift
  • Partlet with attached ruff
  • Wrist ruffs
  • Farthingale
  • Petticoat bodies
  • Forepart
  • Sleeves
  • Gown
    • Doublet embroidery
    • Buttons
    • Add tabs
    • Add skirt to doublet
    • Skirt embroidery
    • Finishing
  • French Hood

Of this, the shift and petticoat bodies are close to finished.  The partlet, ruffs, and other accoutrements are not even started.  The doublet is still being embroidered, and I still need to do 32 buttons (out of 40).

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