Handwoven Kaftan Planning

I’ve made some progress on the hubby’s kaftan design. The key point of the fabric was to incorporate his badge: Argent, three crescents purpure one and two.  This is the three purple crescents on the white background.  The rest of the design was built around that.

Along with the purple and white, we’ve decided to go with blue and yellow for accent colours.  Blue is another colour in his heraldry, and the yellow added a nice contrast.  I’m doing an ogee pattern, which was a common design motif in 16th century Ottoman fabrics, and using this textile as an inspiration for the filling design.

The design is not complete.  I’d like to add some more filling pattern in the plain white and blue sections.  I have time – I won’t be getting the equipment to actually produce the fabric until next year sometime (at the earliest).  But I’m enjoying the process.


Design in progress

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2 thoughts on “Handwoven Kaftan Planning

  1. Oh my. I can’t wait to see more about this project! How many shafts on your loom?

    • Right now, only 12.

      However this project is being planned for when I get my drawloom attachment, which will add another harness with 90 or so more shafts, as well as single unit draws.

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