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First Set of Wickelbander Done

Last night I finished my first set of wickelbander.


Black and red wool


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Painted Goblets

I’d been thinking about making some painted ‘enamel’ goblets for the barony for some time.  I bought all the supplies, but haven’t been able to find the time until now.

There are many historical examples.  I particularly like this one, though the shape of this one is closer to my glasses.

And here’s the start of mine.


Goblets in progress.

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Lampas – Documentation

Here is a link to the documentation for my lampas project.

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Almost Done

I need to tack down the last of the trim, finish the cap sleeves, and make new undersleeves and a new partlet, but I’m quite pleased with how it is coming along.

Fitted Gown

Fitted gown in progress

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Ottoman for the Man – Investiture Garb

I’ve been working on another kaftan (with help from a friend) and salwar for the hubby for our Baronial Investiture. The kaftan is silk lined in linen. The salwar are ‘art silk’ lined in linen.



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