Weave Structure Sample Book

I’ve decided to put together a medieval weave structures sample book.  Basically, small samples of all the weave structures I can document to medieval Europe.

I’m going to do them all in a natural-colored 8/2 unmercerized cotton, with a small section of colored weft to show the weave better.  I’m hoping the constant yarn will allow the differences in weave structure to show without distractions from different fibers/textures.

I will compile these all into a sample book with a description of the draft, historical details, and weaving draft.

Step one is to go through all my books and try to find as many drafts/extant textiles as possible.

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6 thoughts on “Weave Structure Sample Book

  1. Aibhilin

    Do you know about complexed weavers? http://www.complex-weavers.org/ They have a Medieval Textiles study group. http://www.medievaltextiles.org/ They have great resources here http://www.medievaltextiles.org/files.html

  2. Aibhilin

    So I am a dough head you replied to the message, I think I need another coffee or something. I am sorry, you would know they are still there. I am sorry they are on hold. love your blog.

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