Column of Leaves Hat

A Christmas present I forgot to post about.


Column of leaves hat


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Jayne Hats

I promised these for a friend.

Jayne Hats

His and Hers Jayne hats


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Wingspan Cancelled

I’m really not keen on how the colours are coming out on the Wingspan shawl.  I’m frogging the project and will use the yarn for something else.

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Baby Hats

I knit up some baby hats for a friend.  Pattern from Knitty.


Knit in Patons Astra (doubled) on 6 mm needles.

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As a quick knit while on the road, I picked up some yarn and am working on a shawl.


Progress so far

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Monmouth Cap Planning

Your majesty says very true: if your
majesties is remembered of it, the Welshmen
did good service in a garden where leeks did
grow, wearing leeks in their Monmouth caps;
~ William Shakespeare, Henry V, Scene VII

One (believed) extant example of a Monmouth cap was described in detail by Kirstie Buckland in Costume.  It is described as being knit with a 2-ply wool with approx. 2 stitches per inch, dyed a dark brown after or during felting.  Knit in the round, all in stocking stitch, it has a double brim knit together at the edge, a loop, and a small ‘button’ at the top.  It is helmet-shaped, and knit using ‘multiples of ten and twenty’.

Image from of a Monmouth Cap - I'm not sure if this is the one Buckland is talking about but it is certainly similar to what she describes. It doesn't look all that felted, though.

I tried to find a modern yarn that best matched the description above, and settled on Cascade Lana Grande – a two-ply, 100% wool yarn, with a gauge of 2 stitches per inch.  I chose a natural/off-white colour.  I will use black walnut dye to get it a dark brown (I hope).  I’m knitting it large and hoping it will felt up.

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Owls Update

My Owls is finally coming together.  I didn’t like the sleeve increases where they were, because my forearms were baggy, so I moved the sleeve up to make it 3/4 length.  I’ll probably go back and lengthen them once I’m finished.

Owls sweater

Owls sweater in progress

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Owls in Progress

This is knitting up really quickly. I was going to alter the pattern to move the waist shaping to the sides, but I miscounted. I kind of like it where it is now, so I’m leaving it.

Owls sweater

You can really see the waist shaping on the left

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Owls Sweater

Autumn Rose is time consuming and fiddly.  To take a break I’ve decided to knit something a little faster.

An owls sweater!  This one has been in my queue for a while.  It’s a much faster knit, being a bulky rather than a fingering weight yarn.

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First Pattern Round Done

After a long hiatus I’ve started working on my Autumn Rose again.  As of today, I’ve completed the first pattern round.

First Round

Autumn Rose in progress

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