An Elizabethan Wardrobe

As I’ve narrowed my persona down to late 16th century England, I plan on making a good number of pieces in this era. For that reason it merited its own subpage.

For an overview of womens clothing of the period, I’ll point to you a wonderful article by L. Mellin, aka Mistress Isobel Bedingfield, OL.


Fitted Gown

Orange Fitted Gown


Green and Gold Elizabethan


Black Velvet Loose Gown and French Hood


Black and White Jacket, Red Kirtle


Red and Black Doublet, Black Petticoat

Pink Jacket, Yellow Petticoat.
Photo by David Gotlieb.

Brown Wool Coat, Brocade Kirtle

Pearled Brocade Gown.
Photo by David Edey.

Black Velvet Gown.
Photo by David Edey.

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