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First Pattern Round Done

After a long hiatus I’ve started working on my Autumn Rose again.  As of today, I’ve completed the first pattern round.

First Round

Autumn Rose in progress

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A Hem!

My knitting is progressing slowly, as expected. I have finished the hem, and am about to begin work on the actual body. As nice as the ribbing looked, it will be nice to switch over to working in stockinette. The hem rolls up right now (thus the pins) but that will be solved by blocking.

Note to self: Keep a focus on yarn dominance. I slipped up in a few places in the hem. It’s not noticable from the front, but it is from the back due to the lattice pattern. This will be more important in the main body, as I’d like to keep the pattern (light) yarns dominant.

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Finally Knitting

My needles have arrived and I’ve cast on the hem. I’m using a long-tail cast on, for no particular reason than it’s the one I always use.

This sweater will be slow going – partially because there’s almost 300 stitches per round (and that takes some time to knit), partially because it’s on really small needles (size 3’s), and partially because my weaving and sewing projects currently have higher priority. Still, I plan on dragging this to knitting-appropriate outings, so there will be some progress. Expect updates as I go.

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I took advantage of the Christmas holidays to whip a swatch for Autumn Rose. It looks great, but I’m a little below gauge on size 2 needles. I did another small test and I’m above gauge on size 4 needles, so I’m mail ordered some size 3 needles (oddly enough, I dont have any).

The colours are a little much up close, but they look great from a bit of a distance.
Knitting Swatch

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It's here!

My yarn has arrived! The colours are lovely!
Colour Box

The colours are all Knit Picks Palette (in no particular order):
Bittersweet Heather, Ivy, Marine Heather, Garnet Heather, Autumn Heather, Salsa Heather, Doe, Suede, Edamame, Turmeric, and Cornmeal

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Autumn Rose

I’ve ordered the yarn/pattern for Eunny Jang’s Autumn Rose pullover. I’ve ordered the pre-selected knitpicks palette in ‘original’. I’ve never been great a guessing my own colours, and I like the look of this combo.

My plan is to continue the sleeves to full length, and raise the neckline a bit. I might also lengthen the bottom, but I may not need to as I’m a little shorter in the torso than your average bear. I’ll know more once I look at the pattern.

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