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Another Set of Wickelbander Done

Yesterday I finished my another set of wickelbander.


Blue and white wickelbander

These are done with Jaggerspun Maine Line 2/20. The wool itself was lovely to work with, and I had very few broken ends. It felted a bit funny during finishing, unfortunately.

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Wickelbander Progress

Because the wool is so much finer, weaving is much slower.  Still, it’s coming along beautifully.  The Jaggerspun wool is really lovely to work with.


Blue and white wickelbander in progress.

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Wickelbander In Progress

The sample I did at 30 epi came out decidedly weft-faced, so I’ve started again with a sett of 36 epi.  It’s weaving up much nicer now.

The fine wool is prone to fray at the edges, but a closer sett seems to be helping (less draw in).  I’m also using a very, very light beat.  You can see the curves in the twill where I try different beats.  I’ll be adding a temple before I continue, too.


Sample – too much weft


Weaving in progress. A tighter sett and a lighter beat is giving me very close to a 45 degree angle to the twill.

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Wickelbander Beamed

The wool is beamed.  For me, this is the hardest part of the warping process.  A nice consistent even tension makes all the difference when weaving.  Unlike a mis-threaded heddle, this isn’t really a step you can do over.

I was a little concerned because the fine wool was so delicate, but it beamed up like a dream.  Very little fuzzies, no breakage, and lovely tension.  So far I’m very impressed with this yarn.

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More Wickelbander

I just can’t leave a loom empty, so I’ve started another pair of wickelbander (or winingas).  Norse/Anglo-Saxon leg wraps.  This time, I’ve going to be doing an unevenly divided warp chevron twill.  Here’s a great link to more info about wickelbander.

I’m using a new wool, Jaggerspun 2/20 Maine Line in Natural and Williamsburg Blue.  It’s finer than the other wools I’ve used, and should be better for garment weight projects.  I’ve found a Canadian source, so that should help keep my shipping charges down in the future.  This project will be a test to see how the wool finishes.  If it works out well I think this will be my regular go to wool.  I have high hopes.

The wool will be sett at 30 epi, with a doubled floating selvedge.  At 144 ends, this should warp up quickly.  It will be 4 2/3 inches in the reed, and should (if my guess is correct) shrink down to 4 inches wide.  The exact size is unimportant so I’m not sampling.


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