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Man’s Elizabethan Shirt

I made a simple Elizabethan shirt for the hubby.  As you can see, I still need to add the wrist and neck ties.


Elizabethan shirt

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Sleeves In Progress

I’ve made progress on my new sleeves.  I’m using this portrait as inspiration, but am diverging slightly. I’ve made them a bit longer, and I haven’t padded them.  I want to ensure I still have full range of motion in my arms, since this dress is for archery.


Sleeve in progress

The bottom edge isn’t finished yet, but so far I think they look great.

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Orange Fitted Gown Redux

The bodice is refitted (a little snugly – I hope to loose a little more weight in the next four weeks).  The skirt is reattached.  I have drafted and am cutting out new sleeves.

Before the sleeves can go on the dress needs to be finished and trimmed.  I want to make sure I have enough trim for the main body before putting trim on the sleeves.

I’ll do some hand sewing and add the hooks and eyes today, and hopefully have time to pin the majority of the trim.

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Rethinking Sleeves

I’m not happy with my sleeves.  So, since I’m taking the dress apart I’m rethinking options for re-doing them.  I just don’t have the time to experiment with boning or padding them up properly.

I think I’ll try something like this instead:

Portrait of Eleonora di Don Garzia di Toledo


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Back to the Drawing Board

This orange dress just isn’t working for me.  I can’t get the fit right after losing weight.  So, I’m going to admit defeat, take it apart, and refit it properly.  That means taking in about three inches and raising the skirt.  Hopefully the skirt will still be long enough, if now, I’ll add another strip of linen around the bottom.

On a happier note, the hat is coming along well.  The buckram is cut, wired, and I’m gluing the interlining g on.

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Orange Fitted Gown So Far

The main body of the dress is done.  To accomodate my weight change I am turning over the front to shoe the black lining.  I think it still looks rather nice.

The front
The back


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Orange Fitted Gown Redux

I’ve lost some weight recently, and now I am swimming in my orange dress.  The plan is to rework the front opening with a fold over to show the black lining.  Should look nice.

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Elizabethan for the Man

And for a change of pace, my hubby has requested that I make him a simple Elizabethan outfit for this summer.

My plan consists of:

  • A plain white linen shirt (no ruffles)
  • A pair of green linen breeches
  • A brown linen doublet

I don’t have any real experience making men’s Elizabethan, so this should be fun.

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Green Gown on Hold

I appear to be losing a lot of weight right now, or more to the point – inches.  This is not a bad thing, but it means I need to refit my doublet.  I anticipate I will be losing a bit more, so I’m putting the fitted bits of this project on old for the next few months.

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Green Doublet Goldwork Progress

I managed to get the goldwork done on one half of the collar.


Goldwork progress

The stitching is not as nice as I would like, but that’s because this is new to me.

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