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Shopping – More Yarn and New Heddles

I still can’t find my royal blue cotton to finish my current project, so I’ve had to order another cone. Not really a hardship, as I was running out. I added in a dark green unmercerized 8/2 cotton to the order as well (I’m thinking something for my aunt’s kitchen).

On other news, I’ve been finding the texsolv heddles on my loom a little light for the higher tensions I’ve been using. When I bought the loom the guy at the shop said I probably would. His wife has the same loom and has converted to metal heddles for the additional shaft weight. I’ve decided to do to same, and ordered a bunch. I’m hopping this will give me a more even shed. I needed more heddles for my curtain project, since the finer thread will require more heddles per inch, anyways.

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