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Belt Quiver Cut

The outlines are cut out.  Inar only has one size of blade, so I found the detail work to be very difficult.


I had the most trouble with paws and feet.

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Belt Quiver Started

I have started work on my tooled belt quiver.  The leather is cut, and I’ve transferred the pattern and outlined it faintly in pencil to help me see.  For a better look at my design, the original picture is here.


The quiver body, cut and marked.


It’s hard to see, but here it the transferred design.

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Belt Quiver Pattern

Since I need a quiver for archery, I thought that I would use this as an opportunity to learn leather tooling and as a way to display my full heraldic achievement.

The base pattern is by HL Evrard de Valogne, who has graciously given me his permission to use it.  The heraldry is my own.


Pattern template

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