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Front Door Curtain

I’ve been meaning to weave a new front door curtain for some time now, and I have earmarked this project for the next one on the loom.  I’d thought a huck lace design to let extra light through, in a natural 20/2 cotton.

Handwoven defines huck as ‘a unit weave with at least six ends and picks in a unit. The unit is divided into half units, and each half unit has an odd number of ends. Three combinations can be woven: plain weave in both half units, plain weave in one half unit alternating with warp floats or weft floats in the other(huck texture or huck), and warp floats in one half-unit alternating with weft floats in the other (huck lace).‘  Where there are warp and weft float blocks are, the threads sort of pull in and clump together making lacy openings in the fabric.

I really like AneJe’s huck lace curtain.  I also like this huck lace pattern from Leclerc.  I also have Huck Lace: The Best of Weaver’s to pore through for design ideas.

While this is a project for the house and not the SCA, there is some evidence for medieval huck weaves, such as the ‘Sluier van Maria‘ (11th or 12th century), I believe they tend to be repeating all-over weaves.  I haven’t seen any medieval evidence for patterning huck lace blocks like we do now, though amagyarjurta discusses an extant patterned gauze weave using leno here.

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