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Lampas In Progress

The loom is warped using the plan described in a previous post.  I added an extra treadle sequence to lower 1 and 2 (the binding warps) to make pick up easier.  This system uses pick up sticks to maintain the pattern while the binding warp is raised.


The shuttle needs to go through the small opening – this is the pattern plus the binding warps.

I’m doing 2 pattern repeats, -1 to even them out, an inch of ‘plain weave’ on either side.  I’m adding another binding warp on the far end to balance the fabric.

So far it’s coming along nicely. I can’t really see the design, but I’m hoping that will show up much better with wet finishing – this is often the case with textured textiles.


Weaving so far. This took 20 minutes. I hope I get faster – I expect I will.

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