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Santa Towels Finished

I finished the Santa Rosepath towels. These are a perfect example of the miracle of wet finishing. Weaving often looks totally different before and after finishing.

Before finishing the fabric is loose and almost lacy. The pattern is spread apart and looks odd.

Christmas Rosepath

Before finishing

After washing, the cotton yarn has bloomed. The threads pull together and the Santas are much better looking.

Christmas Rosepath

After finishing

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The Santa towels are all warped and ready to weave. This project has all ready had some unexpected difficulties. I’ve never had to try weaving with a kitten around before.


William (the terror)

Looks like the craft room is off limits from now on.

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Santa Towels

I’ve started my next project already. Santa-patterned tea towels for Grandma’s Christmas present.



Here’s a rough idea of how they will look.

Christmas Rosepath

Computer-generated drawdown

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