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Progress on My Neglected Quilt

I’m still warping the quilt block tea towels (plus I think I need a little break from weaving), and the linen for my underdress needs to go through the wash a few more times… so I thought I’d pull out my half-finished quilt, and do some work on that.  This is the quilt that I am using to learn how to quilt, so that can move on to the quilt that I really want to do.  Which is a completely different type of quilt that requires completely different skills.  Yay for forethought!


Quilt in progress

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Quilt progress

I’m making progress on my quilt!


Purple stars

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Flying Geese

Now that things have slowed down I’ve started on my quilt.  I can sew, but I’ve never quilted before.  The precision required is a new challenge, but it will serve me well in all my other sewing projects.

With that in mind, may I present my very first flying geese quilt block.  I used this tutorial.


Flying Geese

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Learning to quilt

Most of the fabric has arrived for what will be my very first quilt.  I will be using this pattern, in similar colours.

This will, of course, be taking a back burner to fian prep.


Quilt Pattern

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