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Practicum and Classes

Practicum was yesterday and I quite enjoyed myself.    I took some great classes, and learned several new things.

I think I learned a lot by teaching my class, too.  I did a class on basic weave structures, covering a little historical detail and then letting people try to make them using cardboard looms.  I had a full house!  It seemed to go over well, and people appeared to have fun and were very keen.  I had several questions that gave me some insight into how I should flesh out my handout, and several questions about more advanced weaves.

I would eventually like to do a full series of courses covering weaving in the SCA period.  I have a five-class plan in mind that should take a whole day.  It will take me a while to develop in full (and I really, really need the drawloom for the advanced class if I want to make samples), but I’ve got the beginner class going. and maybe next year I can add the second beginner class and the two intermediates.

As always, I am inspired by the energy of so many people sharing their knowledge.

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Belt Quiver Started

I have started work on my tooled belt quiver.  The leather is cut, and I’ve transferred the pattern and outlined it faintly in pencil to help me see.  For a better look at my design, the original picture is here.


The quiver body, cut and marked.


It’s hard to see, but here it the transferred design.

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Orange Fitted Gown Redux

I’ve lost some weight recently, and now I am swimming in my orange dress.  The plan is to rework the front opening with a fold over to show the black lining.  Should look nice.

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Elizabethan for the Man

And for a change of pace, my hubby has requested that I make him a simple Elizabethan outfit for this summer.

My plan consists of:

  • A plain white linen shirt (no ruffles)
  • A pair of green linen breeches
  • A brown linen doublet

I don’t have any real experience making men’s Elizabethan, so this should be fun.

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Green Gown on Hold

I appear to be losing a lot of weight right now, or more to the point – inches.  This is not a bad thing, but it means I need to refit my doublet.  I anticipate I will be losing a bit more, so I’m putting the fitted bits of this project on old for the next few months.

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Column of Leaves Hat

A Christmas present I forgot to post about.


Column of leaves hat


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Jayne Hats

I promised these for a friend.

Jayne Hats

His and Hers Jayne hats


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