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Shades of Blue Towels – Completed

My yarn arrived, and it took about half an hour to finish up the towels. The blue is not quite the same shade, but I’m hoping it won’t be that noticeable. Here they are all hemmed and finished. Washing really makes the structure pop.

Birdseye Twill

The completed towels

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Shopping – More Yarn and New Heddles

I still can’t find my royal blue cotton to finish my current project, so I’ve had to order another cone. Not really a hardship, as I was running out. I added in a dark green unmercerized 8/2 cotton to the order as well (I’m thinking something for my aunt’s kitchen).

On other news, I’ve been finding the texsolv heddles on my loom a little light for the higher tensions I’ve been using. When I bought the loom the guy at the shop said I probably would. His wife has the same loom and has converted to metal heddles for the additional shaft weight. I’ve decided to do to same, and ordered a bunch. I’m hopping this will give me a more even shed. I needed more heddles for my curtain project, since the finer thread will require more heddles per inch, anyways.

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Unhappy Delay

I seem to have lost my royal blue weaving yarn during the move. It looks like I won’t be getting any weaving done until I order more. Darn!

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Twill Update

I’m over 50% done (i.e. one of two tea towels woven – not so very impressive).

Birdseye Twill

Birdseye Twill

I’m going to try to finish these off, and I won’t be weaving much while we paint and renovate the new house. After that, I have two more sets of towels to get done for Christmas prezzies (waffle-weave towels in white, blue, and yellow, and a white rosepath/tabby with little red Santas).

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Shades of Blue Birdseye Twill

It was my plan to make handwoven tea towels for Christmas gifts this year. With my sewing frenzy, and buying a house and the moving/renovations that will accompany that, I still haven’t finished warping the first set. Now I have to, as I can’t move the loom half-warped.

And here it is all warped up:

Birdseye Warp

I love the look of a freshly warped loom.

And what will it become? A birdseye twill in the two blue shades, plus white. Here’s a computer generated look at the finished pattern:

Image: Birdseye Twill

Computer-generated drawdown

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