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Mass Emmelines

I decided to do a batch of aprons as Hogswatch gifts. The pattern is Emmeline by Sew Liberated – my favourite apron pattern.

Emmeline apron

Sheep Love

Emmeline apron

Apples and Hearts

Emmeline apron


Emmeline apron


Emmeline apron


Emmeline apron


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Christmas Apron Finished

My new apron is finished – just in time for the holidays!

Emmeline Apron

Christmas apron

Emmeline Apron

The same apron - it's reversible!

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Christmas Apron

I like making aprons.  They’re easy, fast, and you can make them out of silly fabric you really couldn’t use for much else.

Here is the fabric for my latest.  A holiday themed one for the big family Christmas we’re throwing this year.

Christmas Fabric

I’ll be using this pattern. It’s my favourite.

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Quickie Sewing Project

To take a break from quilting/bias tape making, I decided to do a quickie sewing project.

Emmeline Apron

Chicken Apron

This was a fun pattern. I will definitely be making more of these.

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