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Court Garb Planning Continues

My plan for this outfit is centered around the leather doublet previously mentioned.  The rest of the dress I am basing roughly on the lines of the gown Dorothea Sabina von Neuburg was buried in, without the train on the skirts.

I’ll be changing the embroidery/trim on the skirt/hanging sleeves to match that on the other doublet.   The forepart and sleeves will be done in a shot silk brocade.  I’d also like to do a partlet with gold lace and an attached ruff, as well as wrist-ruffs to match.  I’m debating between a french hood or a riding cap, but am leaning towards the french hood.  That may change once I finish the dress.

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Doublet Planning

I’ve decided to couch designs with gold cording on the green velvet doublet, as satin stitch with gold seems unlikely.  Since I’m couching it, and I’ll be doing a lot of it, I’m looking for simple designs with visual ‘punch’.

Here are the designs I’m mulling over.  I’m leaning towards the first one.


Flowers of the Needle 6, Page 25, Item 2


Modelbuch aller art Nehewercks un Strickens, Plate 6, Item 1


Modelbuch aller art Nehewercks un Strickens, Plate 53, Item 1


Modelbuch aller art Nehewercks un Strickens, Plate 59, Item 4

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Prepping for Coronation

I want something nice and Tudor to wear for Coronation.  I have an old kirtle/robe that just needs some work, so I’m going with that.

The loose kirtle is a sage green, with a greeny-gold and black brocade front/sleeves.  Over top of this I will wear a loose robe of black velvet(een) with three gold frogs.  I never wear the robe because the sleeves don’t fit well.  There are no fancy trims or embroidery, but I will bling the outfit up with a pearls and a brooch or two.  I also need to dig out my suit of ruffs with the black buttonhole stitch edges.

I need to re-do the sleeves and make a new french hood to go with it.

Here’s a pretty good idea of what my finished outfit should look like:

An Unknown Lady by Hans Eworth, 1557. (Tate Gallery)

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Arrow Cresting

The cresting is completed.  All that’s left is a few more coats of sealant and I’ll be ready to fletch them.


Crested arrows

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Arrow Base Cresting

This is the base painting for the arrows.


White base painting

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Arrow Test Crest

This is a test crest done on a leftover end.  I’ll let it dry overnight and then see how the sealant works over top.


Test crest

It’s supposed to resemble my arms:

Argent a bend engrailed sable cotised plain azure.

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Arrow Prep

The arrow shafts are cut to size, tapered on both ends, and have two coats of sealant on. They are now ready to paint.

Arrow Shafts

Arrow Shafts

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Belt Quiver Pattern

Since I need a quiver for archery, I thought that I would use this as an opportunity to learn leather tooling and as a way to display my full heraldic achievement.

The base pattern is by HL Evrard de Valogne, who has graciously given me his permission to use it.  The heraldry is my own.


Pattern template

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Tea Towel Progress

I have finished the purple tea towel, and have moved on to a red one.


Red weft

I won’t be weaving for a while due to a broken toe.

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Ottoman for the Man – Tall Cap Failure

Well, that sucks.  I ended up with a very nice looking hat, but it was about ¼” too small in circumference, and gave him a headache.  I tried to take it apart to widen it, but destroyed it in the process.

Time to start over, this time ¼” wider.

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