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Tabletweaving Progress

Since I can’t post about my main project right now (it’s  a secret), I’ll post a picture if the progress on my brocaded tabletweaving.  I’ve completed one full pass of the pattern, which gives me four inches of band.

I seem to have a system worked out that makes it a bit easier to keep track of the pattern, but it’s still slow going.  My beat is still a little uneven but it’s improving.  I’m also remembering to manage the twist on the brocading weft, which helps.

Brocaded tablet weaving

Brocaded tablet weaving. One pattern repeat.

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Tabletweaving Progress

After a few false starts I developed a pick-up system that worked well for me.  It’s slow going (as pick-up always is), but so far I am happy with the results.  The ground warp/weft is 8/2 tencel in a burgundy red, and the brocading weft is 6-strand DMC gold floss.  The pattern is from Anna Neuper’s Modelbuch.

Brocaded tabletweaving

After about two hours work

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Tabletweaving: Take 2

I tried my hand at tabletwoven doubleweave, but I didn’t like how it was going.  Instead, I’m going to try a brocaded pattern.


A beginning

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