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Finished Arrows

I’ve finished the arrows, mostly.  I need to re-tip four of them, since they came up wobbly.   I also broke one during final shaft straightening, so I have 11 finished arrows.


Finished arrows


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Arrow Fletching

The arrows are crested and sealed, and I’ve started fletching.


Fletching new arrows and repairing old ones.

This time, I’m using a straight jig at an offset rather than a helical.  I’ve set it at the maximum offset possible, which JoJan says is 2°.  The end of the feather takes a little more pressure to get it to hold, but so far so good.  After this I’m going to try thread wrapping the fletching – I’m town between red silk or black.

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Arrow Cresting Continues


Not complete, but I’ve started painting the trilliums.


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Beginning Arrow Cresting

For these arrows, I decided to go with a red and while Ealdormere theme.  So far I’ve done the red base coat.


So far, so good.

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Threading the Heddles

I find this to be the most tedious part of weaving.

13 inches with 48 threads per inch means 624 + 4 (to center the pattern) gives me 628 threads.  Each thread needs to be threaded into the eye of one heddle, in a pattern.


1/4 of the way done.

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Orange Fitted Gown So Far

The main body of the dress is done.  To accomodate my weight change I am turning over the front to shoe the black lining.  I think it still looks rather nice.

The front
The back


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Belt Quiver Cut

The outlines are cut out.  Inar only has one size of blade, so I found the detail work to be very difficult.


I had the most trouble with paws and feet.

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